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Re: Debian PC Requirements

On Thursday, 11 April 2002 11:20:49 +1000, Daniel Pittman wrote:
 > I have trouble, in fact, imagining the set of desktop programs that
 > would  manage to  eat 2GB  of space,  even if  they  leaked awfully
This  need not  be the  case. Linux  kernel uses  all free  memory for
caching. Now if  all ram is filled up and more  memory is required, it
is better to keep the cache intact and move some applications that are
not being used for a long time  in to the cache, rather than flush the
cache and use  that ram for the  new apps. So The swap  usage in linux
can  increase, especially  if most  of your  apps are  sleeping. This
won't  slow down the  system much.  There will  be a  noticeable delay,
accompanied by swap activity, when you  go back to an app that you was
started, but not being used for a long time. 


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