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Re: Debian PC Requirements

Mark Barnes wrote:
I don't think that much swap in a single partition is being fully

Nobody, but nobody, needs 1GB for a swap :-) (somebody will now tell me how they DO :-) )

As I understand it, linux can use a maximum of (I think) 128 mb
per swap partition.  If you want more than 128 mb swap, you'll need to
> create additional swap partitions.  This doesn't really get at your
> performance problems, but no more than 128 mb out of that huge swap
> partition can be used.

That is true only of 'old-style' swap spaces. From man mkswap: "an old style swap area can describe at most 8*(S-10)-1 pages used for swapping. With S=4096 (as on i386), the useful area is at most 133890048 bytes (almost 128 MiB), and the rest is wasted". Note that even then, that only applies to systems with a 4K page size. I have a 126MB and a 300MB partition, then I use swapd to create 64MB swap files as needed, and when doing Oracle installs I have fully used both of the partitions plus 3 or 4 swapd files.

Since the Oracle install fails completely silently if it runs out of memory, I've needed to keep a close eye on the swap use.

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