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TCP configuration


I am using Linux Debian 2.4.16  with a Dell Latitude C810.  I've a Xircom
XE2000 (pcmcia) installed.   Everything seems to be at startup, the Xircom
card is recognized, if I use ifconfig eth0, eveything is fine, but I can't
see other machines on my network.  If I use Ping to other IPs nothing
happends, it's necesary to type CTR-C  pign reports 100% packet losts.
I'am using a static IP:  If I use the route command it's
displays:     *         255.255.255   U     eth0
default             *             UG  eth0

This is my first time with linux and I don't  know what else I need to do.
If I am usign Windows XP everything is OK but I don't wat to use it
anymore!!, so please help me.


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