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Re: Problem with TP600 console

On Tue, Jan 29, 2002 at 04:30:25PM -0500, Muthukrishnan, Ramakrishnan wrote:
> Hi,
> I got my TP 600 from ebay yesterday, I wiped off the win95 which was
> there on the
> now. While it booted win95, it used to come full screen. The moment I
> boot the woody CD, it goes into a small screen (may be i/3 of the sceen
> real estate)

There are 2 possible solutions...

1) In the bios enable something like 'display stretch'. This way the
80x25 text screen will be stretched to full size.

2) Start using a vesa framebuffer, and tell Lilo or grub what vesa mode
you want to use (I'm using 0x117 I think). Then the kernel will put you
in some high res (which will use full screen if you choose the correct
modes) and you'll be able to get more text on the screen too.

I'm currently in vesafb mode and get about a 110x60 character screen :)

The same goes for X ofcourse... choose a resolution that matches the max
resolution for the LCD panel and you'll have full screen.

> at the center of the 13.3" screen. Now everything comes only in that
> area. What could be the problem? The surrounding area of the displayed
> area are all blank. May be X will come properly, I haven't

Without vesafb it's also possible, using SVGAtextmode... but this breaks
on my laptop because it has really buggy VGA drivers :(
Maybe more luck on yours :) but beware, you might have to reboot ofter
before you get the correct modes without screwing up the screen.

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