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Problem with TP600 console


I got my TP 600 from ebay yesterday, I wiped off the win95 which was
there on the
HDD and tried installing woody on it. I had only the first CD. I could
easily install the base system with no problems, but there is a problem
now. While it booted win95, it used to come full screen. The moment I
boot the woody CD, it goes into a small screen (may be i/3 of the sceen
real estate)
at the center of the 13.3" screen. Now everything comes only in that
area. What could be the problem? The surrounding area of the displayed
area are all blank. May be X will come properly, I haven't
tried so far, but I want to have console properly, as I want to read
mails etc in console. Have anyone encountered this while installing
debian on the TP600?


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