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Re: Mailer for laptops (was: Re: new photos from my party!)

also sprach Fabian Fagerholm <fabbe@paniq.net> [2002.01.28.1635 +0100]:
> Since this is a laptop-list, I'd be interested in hearing what people
> use to read mail on their laptops. Reading mail on a laptop does require
> that one can manage to read mail off-line as well as connected.
> If you're using IMAP like me, you need to have some sort of caching or
> you'll have to find a network to be able to access your messages. On the
> other hand, a laptop if often not a good place for permanent storage, so
> having local folders doesn't cut it.
> Particularly, I'd like to hear about experiences with off-line operation
> and IMAP in Evolution...

i run postfix bound to localhost on my laptop even, and then use
fetchmail to obtain all my mail via pop3/ssl. this way, all my mail is
always local, and i don't need imap.

however, i would like to add compression to this to minimize the
traffic caused on the servers, so i was thinking of rsync. but the
isync package looks quite cool too. can it speak imaps natively? or
just the tls extension?

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the file you need
might be very useful.
but now it is gone.

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