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Re: Debian and archives and Proliant oldies....

Can't help you with your computer problem, but to answer your other
question, the lists are maintained at http://lists.debian.org

On Wed, Jan 23, 2002 at 04:50:48PM -0500, Josh Knarr wrote:
> Hello:
> Is there an archive of this mailing list?  I recently installed Windows XP
> Professional (booo!), and forgot that it eats all your e-mail when you
> install any new outlooks.
> I recently got my hands on a Compaq Proliant 3140 Double Ugly Delux, and
> wanted to put Linux on it.  Right at the moment it's running Windows NT 4.0.
> I did some googling around, and it looks like Compaq did something really
> odd with the SCSI controller, and the general opinion seems to be that Linux
> wont' see the SCSI controller Compaq used at all.  Anyone have any
> familiarity with this machine or the controller and found a way of using it
> in linux or am I going to need to spring for a new RAID controller?
> Thanks
> Josh
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