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PCMCIA-Ethernet without cardmgr


I am trying to build a kernel boot floppy, not using modules,
nevertheless supporting PCMCIA and a Xircom driver.

Booting this kernel would start PCMCIA support and include the Xircom
(xirc2ps_cs) driver, but it wouldn't setup an eth0 device, because there
is no cardmgr at all on my root floppy.

I simulated this behaviour using my "normal" woody installation,
beginning with /etc/init.d/pcmcia stop. Then modprobe will load the
modules, I also included into the static kernel: pcmcia_core, i82365 and

Once again I face the same problem, with no cardmgr running, no eth0
device will appear.

Digging using the usual sources, I only find comments referring to the
pcmcia-cs-based setup of PCMCIA NICs. Nothing about the magic of
cardmgr, that initializes the eth0 device.

Does anyone on this list have an idea (perhaps some kernel parameters),
how one can get an eth0 device for the PCMCIA NIC without the
pcmcia-cs/cardmgr stuff?

Holger Paschke / mailto:hpaschke@gmx.net

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