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Re: PCMCIA-Ethernet without cardmgr

also sprach Holger Paschke <hpaschke@gmx.net> [2002.01.15.1106 +0100]:
> Digging using the usual sources, I only find comments referring to the
> pcmcia-cs-based setup of PCMCIA NICs. Nothing about the magic of
> cardmgr, that initializes the eth0 device.

RTFS cardmgr.

> Does anyone on this list have an idea (perhaps some kernel parameters),
> how one can get an eth0 device for the PCMCIA NIC without the
> pcmcia-cs/cardmgr stuff?

no. even the flakey pcmcia support in 2.4.x needs cardmgr to monitor the
slots. if you really don't have enough space for the entire binary, but
down the code to the bare minimum. oh, and have fun doing so ;^>

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