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Re: IBM Thinkpad A30p - Opinions, Possible Problems etc?

On Tue, 27 Nov 2001 01:47, aeleblanc@olgc.on.ca wrote:
> I was originally looking at a toshiba Tecra 9000 for a new Laptop to fit
> my budget of $5000 CAD.  I recently came across the IBM Thinkpad A30p
> which i can squeeze into the budget as well.  I'm favouring this over the
> tecra now for a few reasons (133MHz Bus instead of 100, ATI Radeon 32 MB
> instead of some other garbage, Video in/out as opposed to tv-out only etc
> etc..)  Does anyone know of any problems running linux on this model or
> have any opinions on IBM's w/ Linux as opposed to other Laptop
> Manufacturers?

I'm on my third Thinkpad now, so I've been quite happy with them.

I currently use the T series (advertised as "portability without 
compromise").  The T series are powerful and have reasonable hardware built 
in, but are slightly reduced from desktop machines (can't have CD and floppy 
at the same time is one limitation).

The A series (advertised as "desktop replacement") has all the hardware 
(including floppy and CD) but they haven't tried hard to make it light or 
portable.  On another list I'm on people are flaming Thinkpads because of the 
experience of carrying an A series around.

If your laptop goes between your work and your home in your car then an A 
series will be great.

If your laptop goes around the world, and goes to work with you by public 
transport then a T series is probably as big and heavy as you can tolerate.

Also regarding the CD, getting a USB CD-ROM at work and one at home is one 
solution to the problem of having CD and floppy...

Another thing to consider is having a power supply at home and one at work 
(PSUs are heavy).

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