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Re: thinkpad no video on boot

On Sat, Nov 24, 2001 at 09:43:04AM +0000, Vivek wrote:


thanks for the feeback.

> On Sat, 24 Nov 2001, Serge Rey wrote:
> > i've been running into an intermittent problem on my thinkpad x20. on
> > some cold boots i don't see the bios message or any boot message. the
> > screen is backlight, there is just no text on the console. there is
> > obviously disk activity, however, so i've waited till that stops to
> > carefully (and blindly) enter my shutdown -r sequence. on the second
> > boot i get the normal bios message and see all the boot messages.
> >
> > i'm wondering if anyone has run into something like this before, or
> > could suggest things (lilo settings?) to look at that might address
> > this.
> What lilo settings have you currently got?
nothing fancy:


#       restricted
#       alias=1

#       restricted
#       alias=2

> > fwiw, this is for woody upgraded from potato on a fresh hard drive (no
> > other os was previously installed).
> Stock or custom kernel?

custom, 2.2.19. i've compiled in support for my nic and sound card, as
well as usb stuff. all of which seem to be working fine.

> > i'm booting into the console, not using xdm so X isn't a factor.
> Normal or fb console?


> Have you got the H/V expand option in the bios turned on or off?

not sure what H/V is. can you educate me and i'll check.

> What about screen-blanking options?

screen-blanking on. it will blank after 15 minutes. comes back on after
any activity.

> The only thing like it that springs to mind is that you might be using the
> fb console and it isn't working, but in my experience that isn't an inter-
> mittent thing...

since i'm not using fb, this one is ruled out.

of course since this is intermittent i can't reproduce it, and it hasn't
happened for a day now. but i'll keep digging to see if i can figure out
what causes it.


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