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thinkpad no video on boot

i've been running into an intermittent problem on my thinkpad x20. on
some cold boots i don't see the bios message or any boot message. the
screen is backlight, there is just no text on the console. there is
obviously disk activity, however, so i've waited till that stops to
carefully (and blindly) enter my shutdown -r sequence. on the second
boot i get the normal bios message and see all the boot messages.

i'm wondering if anyone has run into something like this before, or
could suggest things (lilo settings?) to look at that might address

fwiw, this is for woody upgraded from potato on a fresh hard drive (no
other os was previously installed).

i'm booting into the console, not using xdm so X isn't a factor.

thanks in advance,
Serge Rey	http://typhoon.sdsu.edu/rey.html
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