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Solved (was: Re: Newbie Question (again (: ))

Hi *,

> I have a GR150K which also have a SoundMAX (according to windows).
> I've tried alsa and OSS with recent 2.4 ac kernels.  The ac87/i810
> modules will load and report the presence of the card but /dev/mixer
> and /dev/dsp don't seem to work correctly.
> If you cat a bunch of bytes into /dev/dsp it will make modem-like noises
> but it doesn't seem to support the ioclts of xmms etc..
> As soon as 2.4.15 is out (with ac merged in) I was going am going to
> look deeper into this.  First thing to do is turn on debugging for the
> ac87/i810 modules write some test code and send the results to the
> maintainer.
> Anyone ever had any success will SoundMAX on VAIOs?

YES! ((: Finally, I got it working. The sound module i810_audio works
perfectly with a SONY Vaio FX203K and a SoundMAX. I think, it'll do for
the most VAIOs with an i8xx-chipset.

So long

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