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I Think I Have What I Need! Going For It! STOP Make Menuconfig ERROR

I have the following and am about to reboot ... pray!  :-)

Progeny update/upgrade to Unstable:


Uncommented only unstable in sources.list
apt-get update
dpkg --purge --force-depends libfreetype6
apt-get -f dist-upgrade

(got an error on gdm)

Ran  "apt-get -f dist-upgrade"  again.

(additional gdnumeric error or something)

Ignored the error and Downloaded the following to /usr/src/ :

(Found this at: http://www.kernel.org )
(Found this at: http://pcmcia-cs.sourceforge.net/  )
(Found this at: http://ftp.eecs.umich.edu/debian/pool/main/m/modutils/ )

Copied all three to  /stuff  just in case something trashes what it expects
to find in /usr/src/   ;-)


No pcmcia.

Rebooted and broke out to a command prompt (I think I used CTRL-ALT-F2
or something as Progeny-Unstable was loading).

Loaded Linux Kernel 2.4.12 and other stuff using the following instructions
from Stephen E. Hargrove ...

# tar xfvz linux-whatever.tar.gz

(seemd to go well)

# rm -rf linux


# ln -s linux-whatever linux


# tar xfvz pcmcia-cs-whatever.tar.gz


# ln -s pcmcia-cs-whatever pcmcia


# cd linux

Uh Oh!

(I think you meant "cd pcmcia" because I can see something
called "linux" in /usr/src/ trying to "cd" there gets only an error.)

I did execute "cd pcmcia" and then proceeded ...

# rm -rf pcmcia


# make menuconfig

YUCK!  An old 'enemy' returns!

"***No rule to make target 'menuconfig'. Stop"

And I was getting so hopeful ... grrr!

Now what, please?

Sigh ... Thanks!  Doc

The following is on hold until the "make menuconfig" problem is resolved.

... configure stuff ...
# make dep
# make bzImage
... edits for lilo / grub ...
... move /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot/bzImage to boot ...
... /sbin/lilo or whatever you do for grub
# make modules; make modules_install
# cd ../pcmcia
# make config
# make all
# make install
# shutdown -r now
... boot to new kernel ...

for my set up, i was /never/ able to get any 2.4.x kernel to compile with
the "built-in" pcmcia stuff.  they crapped out /every single time/.  so, i
just delete the pcmcia directory and go with the pcmcia-cs stuff.  it's
worked well on both of my laptops.

i'm sorry that i can't help you with grub.  i don't have any experience
with it.  hopes this helps.  its nothing but a scaled down version of the
forest you're toting around, i'm sure.

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