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Re: PCMCIA -- Unstable -- Kernel 2.4.12

you can do pcmcia support under 2.4.x in two ways:

installing the pcmcia packages (more stable, but maybe less feature-rich, and somewhat more complex to setup).
Compiling pcmcia support into the new 2.4.x kernel, however, note that you'll still need the pcmcia-cs package installed for full pcmcia support.

it's really up to you. Check the documentation for the 2.4 kernel series, and see what it says, and what you're comfortable doing. I personally chose to use the 2.4 kernel modules, partly 'cause I was having trouble getting the pcmcia packages to compile properly with the 2.4.9 kernel.

You don't, however, *have* to upgrade your kernel. And even if you do, it's probably wise to have a pretty good idea of what's oging on and how to use lilo before you do..


On Tue, Oct 23, 2001 at 10:31:12PM -0400, eDoc wrote:
> Did you have to download and install a separate pcmcia package as well?
> What did you download and from where, please?
> I am currently seeing Cardbus Services handle my 3Com 3c589 nic (under
> Progeny and kernel 2.2.18).  I am not clear as to what handles my nic under
> Unstable and kernel 2.4.12 (which I just downloaded but have not installed).
> Where do I go from here, please?
> My plan is to reboot with Unstable, then install 2.4.12 ... but I need to
> know
> from where and what precisely I need to download to be certain I can get
> pcmcia back up should Unstable and/or 2.4.12 kill it.
> Thanks!  Doc
> > You can use any version you want (within limits). I moved to woody and
> > now run 2.4.10.
> > T.
> >
> > >I am guessing that since I upgraded to Unstable I should also upgrade to
> > >a newer kernel and matching pcmcia?
> > >Yes?
> > >Thanks!  Doc
> > >
> > >>Make sure you match your pcmcia-modules to your kernel. Look at the
> > >>packages and be sure your the version for pcmcia-modules is exactly the
> > >>same as your kernel version (e.g., 2.4.10 or 2.4.10-smp,...)
> > >>Tim
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