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Re: Woody Killed PCMCIA & Root in Gnome

On Sat, 2001-10-20 at 15:55, Doc - KD4E wrote:
> Just upgraded from Progeny-Debian 2.2.18 to Woody, or 
> so I thought.
> When I boot 2.2.18 still shows up but Grub has changed appearance
> as has Gnome.
> Problems:
> Cannot access my pcmcia nic (3Com 589c which worked perfectly 
> prior to the upgrade).
> When I remove then re-insert the card there are no tones.
> When I reboot, Grub won't recognize Root but accepts my user account.
> Problem is that the user account doesn't permit me to edit and change 
> things as I need to.
> If I break out of Gnome using Log Out and then Ctrl-Alt-F2 at the 
> Grub login I can get to a command line where I can log in as Root 
> but then I lack access to gedit (at the moment I lack the patience to 
> learn the eccentricities of vi and the other command line editors).
> Can someone suggest how I repair Grub re. Root and how I then 
> repair PCMCIA.  Since I cannot access the Internet from my laptop
> I cannot download anything new for the moment.

What is probably happening is that your X session is aborting when
started by GDM (not Grub - Grub only load's the boot image and starts
Linux running with no further input into the process).

If the Xsession fails at a very early point you will be returned to the
GDM login screen, which sounds like it is what is happening from your

You should be able to start an xterm when logged into your user
account.  Once there, you should be able to use the 'su' command to
become root temporarily.

Once root, I suggest you take a look at the file /root/.xsession-errors
and see if it indicates what the problem might be.  For example I
recently saw someone with a problem caused by one of the accessories to
ssh (I forget which one).

I hope this is some help, but I suspect there will be quite a few more
questions before it is working for you.  If you need to run X programs
as root, you should be able to run "xhost +" (before "su") to
allow local clients to always connect, regardless of the user they are
running as.

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