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RE: kernel panic


did you use make-kpkg to install your kernel?

you should be able to fix it, if you know your way around kernels (and
assuming you didn't overwrite your old kernel!) by booting with the rescue
disk-- the rescue.bin and root.bin that you used to install.

boot, at the boot prompt type 'linux rescue' (no quotes, and not this

rm /vmlinuz
ln -s /voot/vmlinuz-whatever-your-old-linux-kernel-is /vmlinuz
check your /etc/lilo.conf
run lilo

you probably will also need to change /lib/modules to lib/modules.old and
move your old /lib/modules to /lib/modules.2.2.19 or whatever it was called.

andyou'll be in ash, which is a pretty limited shell.

Good luck!

(I don't know if the rescue disks include dkpkg, but if you used make-kpkg
you *should* be abel to uninstall with dpkg --purge
<new-broken-kernel-version> and rerunning lilo)


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On Tuesday 16 October 2001 21:32, Tom Allison spewed forth:
> I think I fried my notebook.
> Of course I have not boot disk and am not even sure how exactly I would
> one.
> "Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 03:06"
> (hda6 is correct...)
> I was using kernel 2.4.9.
> All I have is the 2.2.r3 CD-ROM and another PC.
> What do I do?
After reading some of the other posts. I think this is what happened because
of the modutils problem.

I was trying to rebuild my kernel and it kept freaking about about a
modversion.h setting in my menuconfig.  I was trying to use versions on my

That's when things started getting weird.
I think I also changed the kernel to include devfs & ide-cd (IDE-ATAPI
support for my CDROM drive).

Now it's fscked, big time!


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