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Re: kernel panic

On Wednesday 17 October 2001 13:20, Glen S Mehn spewed forth:
> Tom:
> did you use make-kpkg to install your kernel?
> you should be able to fix it, if you know your way around kernels (and
> assuming you didn't overwrite your old kernel!) by booting with the rescue
> disk-- the rescue.bin and root.bin that you used to install.
> boot, at the boot prompt type 'linux rescue' (no quotes, and not this
> parentheticalnote)
> rm /vmlinuz
> ln -s /voot/vmlinuz-whatever-your-old-linux-kernel-is /vmlinuz
> check your /etc/lilo.conf
> run lilo
> pray

LILO wouldn't install from the rescue.bin/root.bin disks as the libgc was 
different from potato (floppy) to woody (hard-drive).

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