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Re: Dell Latitude c800 integrated ethernet

Hi Chris!

On Tue, 16 Oct 2001, Chris Flipse wrote:

> [Please CC me, as I am not subscribed to debian-laptop]

Ok. ;)

> Has anybody managed to get the integrated ethernet on a Dell c800 to
> function?  I've been using a PCMCIA card for it, but I'd love to not
> have to deal with the dongle anymore ...

Better you use your PCMCIA-Slot for other things - things like W-LAN.

> Related question:  Does anybody know if the c800 supports
> suspend-to-disk, and if so, could you point me to a good howto on
> setting that up?

It does.
There is no need for a HOWTO. Just get the mk2sd.exe file from dell.
Unzip it to a floppy. Execute it.
Take your Debian, put it in the drive and start. ;)

Suspend works only if the NVidia driver is unloaded(!). - Currently
it doesn't work under X.

A good HOWTO for setting up the complete stuff is here:


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