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Re: advice take two (but laptop specific)

Quoting Sean 'Shaleh' Perry on Thu, Oct 11, 2001 at 02:01:57AM -0700:
> > interestingly enough, on the desktop i switch between icewm and
> > windowmaker every few months (hey, linux is all about choice right).
> > however, for the past 4 months i'm overseas and relying on my lappie for
> > all my work. i find that i like windowmaker much more than icewm on the
> > laptop. i think it has something to do with the relative size of the
> > dock apps on the laptop versus the desktop, but this could just be a
> > personal quirk of mine.
> > 
> not at all.  in fact I maintain blackbox because I own a laptop running 800x600.
> -- 
Definitely!  I have a Latitude Ls system which does 800x600.  Programs
on that system start out being a bit bit and moving down the top or
bottom of the display so the the thing I learned quick was which ones
seemed to be built for larger displays.  One is acrobat reader.  I
quickly learned about how to hit the "okay" button since it was below
the bottom of the screen. 

The other one I use on my Dell is Sawfish (gnomeless).

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