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Re: CDRecord : It Works!

>>>>> "Guillaume" == Guillaume  <triton@madchat.org> writes:

Guillaume> [IomegaZipCD USB] As weird as it may seems, I just
Guillaume> ""upgraded"" from cdrecord 1.8.1 (latest 1.9) -> 1.0 with
Guillaume> apt-get .. and now it works !

Guillaume> I used to have the latest version, and debian apt gives me an
Guillaume> older one .. who works, oh well :)

The cdrecord people probably changed their numbering scheme, or
something like that.  APT uses an epoch[1] number -- a number in front
of the version number, followed by a colon -- to handle this case.

[1] "epoch" sounds wrong to me, but it's the only word I could think
of.  Anyone know what the real Debian word for it is?

P.S. Debian isn't in the ispell dictionary (British English).  Shouldn't
it be added?

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