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Re[2]: Debian installation problems

Sunday, October 07, 2001, 7:11:48 PM, Jeff wrote:

>> I'm trying to install on a Dell Inspiron 7500, and I have gotten some hints from some
>> of you earlier. But I can't figure out where I setup the PCMCIA card
>> during the setup (Xircom 10/100/56). The only thing I am asked about my PCMCIA card, is
>> whether it's a intel thing or some T... thing. Where do I specify that
>> it's a xirc2ps? I can't setup my network if I specify intel or T....

JC> During the PCMCIA installation, you are asked to enter any
JC> card-specific options as well as a controller type, e.g. i82365. 
JC> After these options are entered and the card services are
JC> installed, you can then configure the Network.  If the install
JC> process doesn't prompt you directly, you can choose it from the
JC> list of alternative options below the recommended options in the
JC> installation script.  You don't specify the module to load, it is
JC> automatically detected by the card services.  If it doesn't
JC> detect the correct card module, you can go into a console from
JC> the installation script and make some changes to the pcmcia
JC> config options to help the auto-detect process.
Well... I finally got my Debian installed with X running (thanks to
you). I still have no network running, but I don't want to reinstall
if I can avoid it. How do I get this up and running? I can't apt-get
from the net (off course), so I have to get whatever I need from my
CD. What do I do? Can I run some sort of installer, that can help me?

Med venlig hilsen/Best regards,
 Søren Neigaard mailto:neigaard@e-box.dk

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