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Re: What to choose

I admit that I might've been a little too hard on them, yes. But I've
heard much more good about Debian, and the examples about getting things
to work were true. But of course Mandrake can't be that bad, otherwise no
one would use it. It's just that I find Debian, both in abilities,
features and ideology, much more to my liking (based on what I've heard
about Mandrake and know about Debian).
This should be by no means be taken as an offense against Mandrake
developers, as I do not mean in that way. Just that I find Debian better
in most aspects. Consider this as an encouragement to Mandrake developers
to try to do the best they can : )
And as I mentioned, choosing a distribution really is a choice of personal
But as said, this really isn't laptop related anymore, so 'nuff said on my
part : )

- Teppo

On Thu, 4 Oct 2001, Russell Coker wrote:

> On Wed, 3 Oct 2001 22:22, Teppo Hytönen wrote:
> >   What comes to choosing between the two, it's personal preference that
> > matters. I myself recommend Debian: I love it myself, and yes, apt-get is
> > great. Then again, I haven't used Mandrake, but haven't heard a single
> > positive comment about it, other than that it is easy to install; many say
> > too easy, so that you can't configure things you might want even if you
> > have enough skill to do it. I've heard that in many cases it doesn't work
> > right.
> I think you're being a bit hard on them.  I've heard positive reports about
> Mandrake, and the Mandrake developers I've talked to seem quite smart.
> However I get the impression that Debian has more smart developers than any
> other distribution, and I think that upstream maintainers often have a
> similar opinion.  I recently received an email from an upstream author saying
> "I didn't know any distribution had included my code, I might have known
> Debian would do it first", I think that is an indication of the good opinion
> upstream authors have of Debian developers.
> I think that you can compare distributions without using them.  If you know
> who develops a distribution, who pays them (if anyone), what their aims are,
> and how long they have been at it then you can get a good idea of what
> product they will develop and whether it will suit you.
> Debian has a large team of people who work for fun (most of them get paid
> nothing for their work - many of them are doing Debian work instead of doing
> paid work).  The Debian developers are generally highly skilled by any
> standards of measurement.  The aim of the project is to develop the best
> possible OS according to the general aims of the FSF, where "best" is
> measured by the developers themselves.  The result is that there is a huge
> number of developers (any skilled person who has the time is welcome), a huge
> number of packages (any developer can add a new package at short notice
> without asking for permission), a good solid base, and a lot more work is
> needed on installation programs and documentation (no offense to the people
> who work on it - really they need more help from the rest of us).
> So we can advocate Debian without mentioning other distributions.  Once they
> know what Debian is about they'll either like it or they won't.  Other
> distributions have much better installation routines, and may be more
> suitable for novices for that reason.
> I've CC'd this message to debian-user as it really has nothing to do with
> laptops.
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