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Re: What to choose

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>>>>> "Søren" == Søren Neigaard <neigaard@e-box.dk> writes:

Søren> Hi I don't know that to install on my Dell Laptop, Debian or
Søren> Mandrake.  Mandrake claims to have something like apt-get, do you
Søren> know if it works as good as you apt-get (I have heard a lot of
Søren> positive things about Debain apt-get).

Disclaimer: I don't have much experience with Mandrake.  I installed it
on my computer once, but that was when I was using OS/2 as my primary.

It's not just apt-get that's important.  Debian maintainers are pretty
picky when it comes to how packages are done.  And that usually means
that packages don't break.  I've been tracking unstable (sid) for over a
year now, and things have only broken a handful of times.

On Red Hat (and maybe on Mandrake too -- I dunno), you get something
like Windows DLL hell.  You can't install more than one version of the
same library.  I ran into that problem trying to upgrade GNOME on a box
at work.  The GNOME packages wanted one version of the readline library
(among others), but something else wanted an older version.  I had to
hunt around for GNOME packages compiled with the right library version.

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