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Re: Debian install to subnotebook

Bruce Best (CRO) writes:
 > Any suggestions?

I once ran Window ME on my desktop computer and had exactly the same problem
with getting Linux on the system, I had abandoned the old floppy concept [1]
and simply refused to download a 600Mb cdrom-image to install linux.

I tried the the software Gustaf Erikson suggested, but after installation
and 'safely' in DOS mode on my ME system I still got that very stupid error
message (although in text version): YOU ARE RUNNING WINDOWS!!1

Here's one suggestion:

1) Use network method to copy win2k and win98 to your dos-partition.
2) Install old DOS-GUI like win98 on first partition.
3) Install Linux, but keep DOS partition and do not install lilo over 
MBR, tell it to boot off the linux root partition; 
lilo.conf:boot=/dev/hdax where x equals your linux
root partition. Since you are keeping the old MBR you still have the option 
to boot into DOS and use loadlin to get back.
4) Boot into DOS and install win2k (that you've previously copied over network)
5) Edit boot.ini and add a boot entry for your linux partition. (Never tried
in win2k but it worked in older releases of wintendo).
5.1) Alternative: Install other bootloader like http://www.xosl.org
6) (Option) Remove old bootmethods and setup lilo to use the 
other=/dev/hdax method to boot into win2k with lilo as MBR.
Actually, haven't tried that either with win2k, but :-)

Hope this helps, and good luck.


[1] Read; too lazy to go buy a new one ;-)

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