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Re: Install: Compaq LTE 5300

> marc.miller@amd.com writes:
> > Gnome is bigger, yes, but it's better supported.
> >  I'd recommend Gnome over FVWM any day.
> Depends on what you mean by "supported". Gnome is different to fvwm -
> you can't compare one with the other. Gnome provides an extra layer of
> functionality which people may or may not want.

Can we *please* get back to laptop matters instead of desktop "religious
wars"?  Saying "I'd recommend Gnome any day over Fvwm" is like saying 
"I'd recommend a motorcycle over a bicycle any day."  Which sounds good,
but only if you're in a context where you can afford gas, and don't mind
the noise that goes with a motor vehicle, even a very small, maneuverable
one.  Most people who *want* a motorcycle or a car could make do with a
bicycle -- and some prefer to travel light.

"supported" = commercially maintained?  I personally think the "pure" debs
behave better than Ximian's, so I'm not sure that's a feature.  Okay, I'll
grant that making sure the core developer types can always afford the rent
and the grocery tab is a good thing.

"supported" = comes with commercial distros, gets commercial tech support?
Both Gnome and K have been coming with things for awhile - K ships with
commercial Debian variants too - and fvwm has come with every distro of 
Linux I've played with in the last several years, Debian or otherwise.  
But hey, if you want tech$upport you can always hire a consultant 
<disclaimer>such as myself...</disclaimer>

"supported" = known to work better with the hardware?  you gotta be joking.
Every time a Gnome app has given something video headaches it's not been its 
fault - really that dimwit X server - even though fvwm, being less agressive
about window painting, generally did behave better, even on a known wacko 
like the Savage MX/IX when it was still bleeding edge.

A Gnome app is not Gnome the libraries, is not Gnome the set of basic clients
that make the minimum Gnome desktop.  Fvwm is only a window manager.  Calling
any one of these other things "Gnome" with no qualifiers, is comparing apples
with rainforest ecosystems.

"supported" = you know where to ask the right questions.  Well, you're on
the list.  If you have some real *questions* about either fvwm or another
wm - or any particular Gnome app - ask 'em.  We can try to asnwer, or point
you to places where the answer might be.  You want to just this-vs-that 
about them, join an advocacy newsgroup.

My usual answers about menu setup for (in order of experience with them)
fvwm, e or sawfish are:
	apt-get install menu
	what sort of effect are you hoping to get from your wm?
	show us your config file, we can comment it up a bit more.

There are other Gnome-compliant wm's, but someone else would have to
help you with icewm, I've used it twice, and all I ever did was change
a theme to something more boring than it came with to soothe some ruffled

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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