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Re: Debian install to subnotebook

Also sprach Bruce Best \(CRO\):

> He wants to have a dual-boot Debian Woody / Win 2K system. I have a home
> network with a high-speed (DSL) internet connection, and have installed
> Debian successfully before over the network to my similarly configured HP
> Omnibook 500 subnotebook.

When I installed debian on my subnotebook I simply 
 1) took out the harddrive
 2) put it in a desktop computer 
 3) installed the base system (including network support) from cd
 4) reinserted the harddrive into the subnotebook.

All you need is a 50 SEK (== 5 USD) adapter that will let you install a 2,5 
inch drive in a desktop computer. Maybe this solution isn't as elegant as 
installing from a DOS partition, but it's probably a lot easier. Just make 
sure you get all the screws back right :)


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