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Re: Install: Compaq LTE 5300

marc.miller@amd.com writes:

> Gnome is bigger, yes, but it's better supported.

Depends on what you mean by "supported". Gnome is different to fvwm -
you can't compare one with the other. Gnome provides an extra layer of
functionality which people may or may not want.

>  I'd recommend Gnome over FVWM any day.

Why? You need to use a window manager with gnome so why not use fvwm?

Also you can install the gnome libraries and run all the gnome stuff
in another window manager. You can also run parts of gnome as you see

The combinations are endless. I use *almost* pure windowmaker except
that I have the tiniest of gnome-panels that only has a gabber dock
icon in it. I don't like desktop icons so I don't run gmc or nautilus,
and I definitely don't want the overhead of a gnome-session, sound
server etc etc. 

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