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Re: Oh, gods...any of them

> Hello -
> I'm new on the list, although not to Debian nor to
> laptops.
> However, the latest combination has left me rather
> dazed, and I'm wondering if someone might have
> some "workarounds".
> The good: both Potato and Woody bootdisks (w/
> customized kernel) work w/ my HP N5430 (it is a
> laptop). The rootdisks also work, and I'm able to
> download both the rescue and driver packages from
> either release.
> The bad: By the time it comes to installing the
> base system, dbootstrap collapses. No output, just
> a little warning saying it exited with errors.
> This happens with both the disks, at exactly the
> same point. Frustrating isn't the word.
> The customized kernel in question is a souped-up
> 2.4.2 w/ the augmented tulip_core.c code, (for my
> Accton EN2242 chip). The rest of the bootdisk
> contents (on both Woody and Potato) are unchanged. 
> If I can get the base system loaded, things would
> probably go quite well, as I've had the
> opportunity to look over drivers I'll need and
> where to get them. I would, however, really
> appreciate any idea as to what exactly is
> happening to make dbootstrap choke. 
> Many thanks in advance -
> Alpha

If you've got another machine with a CD burner ...
Check out http://www.lnx-bbc.org, get their image,
and if their rescue disc can boot your machine,
then you can also use their installer (they have two
dif't debian installers to try) and with any luck 
you'll get their same successful kernel.

Or at least you can use their rescue disc to get
your own of the selfmade floppies you already cooked
up onto the machine.

The first method drops you wholesale into the surely-familiar
dbootstrap.  The second is a package called 'debootstrap' -
a script for hitting the net for the loose .deb's that make
up Base, and unpacking them into a mounted target area.

Let me know if it works :)

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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