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Oh, gods...any of them

Hello -

I'm new on the list, although not to Debian nor to
However, the latest combination has left me rather
dazed, and I'm wondering if someone might have
some "workarounds".

The good: both Potato and Woody bootdisks (w/
customized kernel) work w/ my HP N5430 (it is a
laptop). The rootdisks also work, and I'm able to
download both the rescue and driver packages from
either release.

The bad: By the time it comes to installing the
base system, dbootstrap collapses. No output, just
a little warning saying it exited with errors.
This happens with both the disks, at exactly the
same point. Frustrating isn't the word.

The customized kernel in question is a souped-up
2.4.2 w/ the augmented tulip_core.c code, (for my
Accton EN2242 chip). The rest of the bootdisk
contents (on both Woody and Potato) are unchanged. 

If I can get the base system loaded, things would
probably go quite well, as I've had the
opportunity to look over drivers I'll need and
where to get them. I would, however, really
appreciate any idea as to what exactly is
happening to make dbootstrap choke. 

Many thanks in advance -


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