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Re: IrDA....

Chris Halls wrote:
Are you tring to get fast infrared?  If so, you will need to uncomment the
lines in /etc/modutils/irda:

---- /etc/modultils/irda -----
# To use the NSC driver on a Thinkpad laptop: uncomment the following:
options nsc-ircc dongle_id=0x09
alias irda0 nsc-ircc

Make sure your /etc/irda.conf uses

/dev/irda comes from the NSC irda module.  Make sure that is a part of the
kernel you have.

If you are running devfs, you may also need to add these lines to
/etc/irda.conf so devfsd can autoload the ircomm module if needed:

---- /etc/modultils/irda -----
# Devfs autoload
alias /dev/ircomm0 ircomm-tty
alias /dev/ircomm1 ircomm-tty

If you need more detail about the individual steps, let me know.


Everything here was done by the .deb except for the section on "alias /dev/ircomm0 ircomm-tty"
no dice.

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