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info: fixed irda-common upgrade to woody

Well I have succeeded in upgrading the irda-common.
I ended up deleting my /dev/ir* nodes, then did an apt-get source on the 
package, a make clean , make all , and make install of the source 
After all this I selected the irda-common package from dselect, which 
installed the .deb version over the "make" files w/no problems..

the two irda devices i have to play with are a Canon BJC-80 printer, and 
a Nokia 6150 . I couldn't print with the IR port in windows, but I could 
scan. I would like to see if I can eventually get the scanner working in 

I have heard that the Nokia 6150 with the gnokii package will be able to 
access the phone, but probably will not be able to use the IR port as a 
modem.. I would be curious to hear of other's experiences with this model 


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