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GUI modem dialer/status

Can anyone recommend a GUI modem dialer and/or status monitor? I'd
like something that handles dialing to/from different locations
easily. Currently I edit the chatscripts and then use "pon whatever"
to dial out. I'd like something that is easier to use and that
wouldn't turn people off - "Uugh, you have to edit a text file?"

Something with checkboxes to enable different dialing options
like (_ used to indicated checkboxes and -x- used to indicate fields
prepended to the phone number if the option is checked):

_ Outside line access code -9-
_ Long Distance access code -1-
_ Dial Area Code
Drop down menu with numbers to dial (should include area code)

I'd like to enter the area code and phone number for local access in any
city once and then be able to play with the other dialing options as
needed. The most common thing I need to change is the outside line
access code - 9, 8, or none.

Any suggestions? I've seen a few GUIs that provide an interface to
pon/poff but that still means editing the files, so I might as well
type "pon location" after I edit the file.

Lee Bradshaw                 lee@sectionIV.com
Texas Instruments            bradshaw@ti.com

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