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help: installing from DOS partition

Hi there,
I'm new on this list and seeking for some help.
I'm trying to install Debian on a Sony Vaio N505. I have Sony CD-ROM but not the original so it's not bootable, that's why I created a DOS partition and put these files:
- base2_2      15.331 Kb
- drivers          4.990 Kb
- install
- loadlin
- rescue.bin
- root.bin
I also have a bootable floppy and when I get boot: I try this :
linux root=\dev\hda3
but get a bunch of lines and finally "VFS cannot open root device 00:00" "Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 00:00". Thing is I can't mount this DOS partition.
I also tried:
rescue root=\dev\hda3
and other combinations.
It seems obvious that I'm using the wrong parameters. 
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,

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