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Re: installing on laptop

> I did this myself.  You might as well take the opportunity
> to upgrade the hard drive too tho.  20GB notebook drives are
> down to < $120 (per http://www.pricewatch.com/1/101/3329-1.htm).
> Plus add a bill or two for the adapter cable.  I got mine from
> west-tech.com, installed it with an old P133 box that had been
> in the closet, and then put it in the laptop, which booted it
> just fine.  Had to use IBM's OnTrack diskette to do the
> partioning... it loads a BIOS extension at boot that handles
> the large partitions properly till lilo takes over.

I thinking to update my ThinkPad, what do you mean with cable? I found
only Kingstone update has a PCMCIA-to-IDE but it cost to much.


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