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Re: Mouse Problems

On Tue, Jul 03, 2001 at 07:49:02PM -0400, M. T. Burek, Ph.D. wrote:
> OK...  finally got almost everything installed...  not much disk space left,
> but its there. Now, I am getting pissed off, though. The mouse works fine at
> the command line, but in X, or KDE, or GNOME, even at the login screen, it
> is going haywire...  I can't control it at all. I even tried using an
> external mouse, but it doesn't work at all. I tried to run xf86config
> several times, but no luck, and it keeps defaulting to a measly 640x480
> screen which is small on my LCD, and makes things hard to see. What am I
> doing wrong here? Windows sees it just fine...

 just have some hints : 

- try XF86Setup instead of xf86config
- specify your Hardware you might find sombody with a Working XF86Config
	or sombody might have had the same problem
- check out if the driver for your video card has been updated in the
	meanwhile ( e.g. old savage driver can cause problems)

hope something will help


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