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T22 modem setup / configuration with 2.2r3 installation help needed

I am installing Debian 2.2r3 on an IBM T22 portable.

Things are working very well (including support for the 1400*1050
screen) on my LAN.

Now I need to configure the modem and get dial-up ISP support working. I
have never done this on any Linux installation and I believe I do not
even have the modem working on the T22.

I installed minicom and tried using /dev/ttyS0 - /dev/ttS3 for the
serial port. When minicom comes up I get a blank screen. I would think I
could just type ATZ and see the modem respond "OK" to verify that it is
working. This does not happen.

So - question number one is --> how do I know if the modem is working on
the T22 and if it is not, does anyone have any tips on how to get it



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