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Re: Laptop suggestions

On Fri, Jun 08, 2001 at 10:10:22AM +0200, Mikael Cardell wrote:
> jonne@sandnet.se (Jonne) writes:
> > I have a very brief question. I'm not that familiar at all with
> I have used Debian on a Thinkpad 570 and its replacement the Thinkpad
> X20, both ultrathin models with no diskette drive, no CD drive or
> extra stuff at all. The X20 is slightly lighter and has a smaller
> screen, but keeps the resolution of 1024x768.

i have an X20 and run debian on it. very nice machine. i picked up the
ultrabase which allows you a bay to slide in a CD or CDRW, both of which
i've got working. the base also comes with a built in floppy if you need

i also have a vaio 505 but prefer the X20. the latter has a built in
video port which i use often for presentations via an lcd. with the vaio
one needs to carry a port replicator to do this, which kinda defeats the
"lightweight" aspect of the machine. X20 also has much better battery
life than the vaio.

> I like the integrated NIC (Intel EtherExpress Pro, I believe) on the
> X20 and I believe that the modem on the X20 might be a real one, not a
> WinModem. I haven't used it, so I don't really know or care anymore,
> but my current dmesg (run under OpenBSD on the X20) says:

i think there are two different models of the X20 that come witn an
integrated NIC/modem combo. one (Mikael's) comes with the xircom modem,
which i believe one could get to work, but the other model (mine  a
226-36U) comes with a winmodem which i couldn't get working, although
the network side of the combo works fine.  

i'll probably get a pcmia card shortly to get the modem going for
upcoming travel. for now it relies on a network link.

Sergio J. Rey	http://typhoon.sdsu.edu/rey.html
"As a competitor, we might be better off if they shipped it."
         - Sun Microsystems's James Gosling on Windows NT 5.0

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