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Re: Laptop suggestions


I just got myself a Toshiba 3440CT. It's in the ultraportable category,
which means that it comes without internal cdrom or floppy. Getting 
everything to run has been somewhat tricky.

Your email suggest that you live in Sweden so you might want to get the
machine from http://www.inwarehouse.se  for about 13000 SEK. I've used 
them a couple of times before this purchase and they've never given me any 

On Wednesday 06 June 2001 16:00, Jonne wrote:
> Hello there!
> I have a very brief question. I'm not that familiar at all with
> Debian, I used it a while back, although not a lot, and I certainly
> qualify as a GNU/Linux neophyte. Enough with the introduction.
> Anyway, I've as of yet never used Debian on a laptop, and I'm
> looking into picking up laptop computer, and I'm wondering if you
> have any suggestions as to what I might want to pick up -- more
> along the lines of manufacturers whose computers work well with the
> latest version of Debian, rather than just the latest spiffy models,
> since I'm not sure what I can afford.
> Any personal experiences, or anything at all would be very helpful.
> Pax.

oivvio polite

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