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Re: Laptop suggestions

I'll totally echo support for the IBM 600x, mine has a little over 20
days uptime right now, running 2.4.4 everything works perfectly for me,
i even had the built in winmodem working, but havent bothered in awhile
with it. I also have an IBM t20, which works wonder with linux/*BSD i
would usggest staying away from the 3com cards if you get an IBM, get
the intel built in ethernet instead, but other than that, they rock. I
also have an Acer extensa 367, its an older laptop, but it works
flawlessly under linux/*BSD. only gripe i have with acers and anything
other than IBM's is that touchpad crap. I have gotten so used to my
three button thinkpad with the button mouse thingie...i cant go
back...anyway. IBM is good, acer is good too. --gabe

,----[ On Wed, Jun 06, at 12:33PM, Stephen Bamattre wrote: ]--------------
| My Inspiron 4000 has a 1024x768 screen,  so are you sure were are talking
| about the same model?  Anyway, here are some config details:
| For XFree86, I just copied one of the XF64Config-4 files from
| http://www.linux-laptop.net/dell.html.  Can't remember where exactly, but I
| can send you mine if you would find it of interest.
| The modem works, despite the fact that it is a winmodem.  Just install
| ltmodem http://www.goldfisch.at/knowledge/inspiron4000/winmodem.html, and
| the modem will be linked to /dev/modem.
| I have had moderate success with ALSA drivers for the Maestro3, but the new
| kernel support is much nicer (and easier to install).  It should be included
| as of the 2.4.2 kernels.
| I use the Linksys PCMCIA card, and I have had not trouble with it.  Can't
| recommend it enough- it has been autoprobed on FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Redhat,
| SuSE, and Debian, and has never failed to be faultless.
| Haven't tried APM, since I have no real interest in that kind of stuff...
| Stephen
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| On Wed, Jun 06, 2001 at 10:52:47AM -0700, Stephen Bamattre wrote:
| > I have had good experiences with Dell laptops and the Inspiron series in
| > particular.  Good XFree86 support, and the sound cards are generally
| > supported by the 2.4 kernel, without any clunky external drivers.
| > 
| > My Inspiron 4000 worked on unstable without a hitch, with only minimal
| > configuration.  Highly recommended.
| aahhh... I'm soooo glad to hear that. My Inspiron 4000 with the 1400x1050
| screen, 256M RAM, 20GB Harddrive and the PIII-700 is currently in
| production... I can't wait to get my hands on it.
| Did you manage to get the 1400x1050 screen working? What about the
| NIC/Modem? I would be very interested in your configs.
| Regards,
| Alex Suzuki
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