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Re: Unable to boot from hdd with recent lilo/mbr packages!!!

Am Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2001 14:09 schrieb Santiago Garcia Mantinan:
> > No, it did not! :-( I now tried to install debina-mbr on /dev/hda and
> > lilo on /dev/hda2, nothing! The output of dd .... is added to this mail
> > again.
> Umm this is weird, and you forgot to attach the output of dd this time.

Oops, here it is!

> If you try with debian mbr again try pressing ctrl when you boot the
> machine and see if you get the MBR: message, maybe the BIOS still tells you
> that the HD is not bootable?
> Ah, how I'd like to have this machine here to play with it untill I knew
> what is going on with that BIOS.
> > OK, good idead I will try to organize a dos bootable disk with fdisk and
> > try it that way!

OK, this was another failure. I also played with bios settings (boot-device)
without success. I now think that there is some hardware or bios failure
or at least some severe problems with my partition table.
Even dos mbr was not found with bios restored to default settings....

Maybe this will help tracking down the problem: When I re-activated /dev/hda2
with cfdisk after writing the table I got:
wrote table but re-read failed. Reboot to ....


Why is cfdisk reporting 7.75 Mb unusable space and fdisk just 
prints 4 partitions?

Olaf (short before crying.....:-/

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