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Re: Ati Mobility Performance

On Sun, 13 May 2001, Alan Shutko wrote:

> around http://dri.sourceforge.net for 3d acceleration.

> The card is _not_ R128 based, so ignore any advice for Mobility 128 or
> Mobility M3 cards.

Ah, in this case you will probably have to do something similar to what I
had to do for one of my machines that was supported by the dri.sourceforge
branch: I installed the debian XFree86 woody package [just updated to
4.03, btw], then fetched the dri source, built and installed it over the
top of the debian package - you may have to tweak a couple of install
paths, but other than that, things seem to work out Ok. Also, I had to
copy the kernel module from the dri source tree into the /lib/KVERSION
tree by hand, and you should be aware that everytime you remake/reinstall
the kernel, you'll have to copy the dri.sourceforge version of the kernel
module back in [after rebuilding it against the new kernel]

I can probably dig up the config changes I had to make to the dri tree to
make it install more or less cleanly on top of the debian package, if you

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