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Re: Presentation

Hola Alexander...

decías, el 12:56-21/abr/2001:
> what you need (if you really need this) is to set up the framebuffer
> stuff.  However in my opinion this is a *very* silly thing mainly because
> it sucks up those CPU cycles as if they are going out of fashion!  What I
> would recommend is that you use the screen 'expanding' feature of your
> laptop (IBM included *everything* you just have to find it) and find a
> nice text console that works in the expanding resolution.  Usually vga=1
> (aka vga=extended) being added to your lilo.conf file will do nicely.
Oh, now I realize that I forgot to mention that I've tried both attacks to the
problem. FB didn't work (don't ask me why, Not VESA 2.0 compliant?).
Nonethelesss, it didn't convince me really, for the same things yo say.. so,
doesn't matter.

Previsously I tried expansion passing on to lilo the argument vga=0x103,
which is the hex code of the video mode I would like for text, taken from the
BIOS test in which all the BIOS capable text modes are tried. It didn't work

The only thing that I can think of solving the problem (no, not really a
_fundamental_ one ;), just that excruciating need of having *all* the hw of my
laptop 100% ;) is by using the tpctl modules of the kernel. I installed
tpctl-source and tpctl, compiled de sources with kernel package follwing the
instructions, and I get an 'unresolved symbol for thinkpad.o' when I do
moprobe thinkpad, so I haven't been able to use tpctl either...

So, If you all still have any ideas, they would be welcome.. 
      	Daniel Payno              	Grupo de Usuarios de Linux
      	payno@gul.uc3m.es         	Administrador del FTP del GUL
      	root@ftp.gul.uc3m.es      	Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

I got blisters on my fingers!!!!

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