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Re: How to use touch pad and mouse?

--- Giuseppe Sacco <eppesuigoccas@libero.it> wrote:
> I have a touchpad (ps2) and an external USB mouse.
> I use both mice at the same time using the -M option for pgm. I also 
> set up X to get the mouse data from gpm.
> It works.
> Previously I had ps2 external mouse that was disabling the internal
> touchpad.
> Bye,
> Giuseppe
I have also a PS/2 touchpad and an external USB mouse. Formerly I also
used the -M option for gpm, but the third mouse button/wheel was not
recognized (i.e. inactive) or the third button emulation was not working
on the touchpad (only 2 buttons there) depending of the options I choose.

I worked around that by configuring gpm to use the touchpad only (I can
cope without the mouse on the console...) and the "pointer" section of X
to /dev/gpmdata. I then added the USB mouse (/dev/input/mice) to the
"XInput" section, "Mouse" sub-section.

It works great!


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