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Re: Thinkpad video and digital camera issues

> Check the video4linux section of the kernel config?  (I don't have an
> Olympus ... our digital camera writes on a PCMCIA memory card, which works
> fine)

    The Olympus writes on 'Smart Media' flash cards.

> It should spot it, but fail to identify it (hibeep, lowboop) if it doesn't
> know what it is... a mite odd to not see it at all.

    My 'Simple Technology' smart media card is not recognized until I
    put a smart flash card in it.

> I've been told by a friend with a laptop that has a real SmartMedia port,
> that smartmedia cards are spotted easily as USB devices when he plugs them
> in.  So, you might need USB support to spot them ... which doesn't come in
> the "stock" kernels, even though the code's in there for 2.2.18.

    That sounds like a Sony VAIO that uses their proprietary flash memory
    card in a built in USB device. (But I have also heard of external USB
    smart media readers, so there may be laptops that have this built in.)

> It does however seem logical if the PCMCIA interface card isn't being 
> spotted, that its further smartmedia item wouldn't be spotted either :(

    Logical, but not the way mine works. ;)

    The only other thing I would add is that inserting smart media into
    the PC locks it up for what seems like eternity. Then it proceeds
    and all is well. At that time, I have no problem reading or writing
    the smart flash.  IIRC, if you forget to unmount the card (unmount
    the FS) it does not shut down cleanly and ties up the IRQ. I don't
    recall whether reloading drivers fixed this or if I had to reboot.

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