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Re: IBM Thinkpad A21p

On Tue, Feb 27, 2001 at 09:37:48PM +1300, Andrew McMillan wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm looking to purchase one of these, because I just can't go past that
> 1600x1200 LCD (and I don't know of any other laptops that match that. 
> Indeed I haven't found more than a couple that go past 1024x768.

I am running debian/testing on an A20p. The screen size is 1400x1050, and
thet is the same for the A21p, isn't ti? (Resolution is 116 dpi)

> Does anyone here have any experience with running Linux (particularly
> Debian, of course) on such a beast?
> Looks like I might be able to buy it with one of:
> 	10/100 mini-PCI "EtherJet" with Modem (Lucent?)
> 	10/100 mini-PCI "Ethernet" with Modem (3com)
> 	10/100 mini-PCI "EtherJet" with Modem (Intel)

Why? It has builtin modem and ethernet. Both work fine an my A20p. But AFAIK
the modem is a different one in the A21p.
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