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Mouse with Debian on Vaio F340

My mouse (trackpad) does not work after installing many packages,
including gnome related, on my Sony Vaio F340.  I have
/dev/mouse in /etc/XF86Config and I linked
ln -s /dev/psaux /dev/mouse.  Does anyone have an idea what
to do next or how I might probe to check it out?


"Neil L. Roeth" wrote:
> Check the file $HOME/.xsession-errors for clues.  Also, I've had
> better luck with xf86config than with XF86Setup.
> On Feb 22, Steven K Thompson (skt@stat.psu.edu) wrote:
>  > I would appreciate any advice on getting X etc. to work with my
>  > Sony Vaio F340.  It has the NeoMagic NM2200 Chipset.
>  >
>  > When I type startx I get a blank, grainy screen, and nothing else
>  > happens.   The trackpad does move the pointer, however.
>  >
>  > During installation I chose the twm window manager for no apparent reason;
>  > I think it was given as the default, but I would be open to changing it.
>  > I chose the "simple" option for selecting packages and selected everything
>  > associated with Gnome.
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> Neil L. Roeth
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