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Re: Mouse with Debian on Vaio F340

> My mouse (trackpad) does not work after installing many packages,
> including gnome related, on my Sony Vaio F340.  I have
> /dev/mouse in /etc/XF86Config and I linked
> ln -s /dev/psaux /dev/mouse.  Does anyone have an idea what
> to do next or how I might probe to check it out?
> Steve

Yeah check that gpm is not giving your mouse an extra headache.

Either gpm should have all repeating turned off:
	* gpm will be quiescent and "not see" the mouse while you are in X
	* gpm will see the mouse and use it while you are tasked away from X

or you should check that the repeating is being honored by X:
	* the repeat format should be what X is expecting
	* X should use /dev/gpmdata (a socket which is fed by gpm)

If gpm is not running, then I'd check IRQs.

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