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Re: ssh2 and non-stable

Heather and the list.....

> *Now* I'll try to answer the right question :D
>    a) unstable's 'ssh' is OpenSSH, deb version 1:2.3.0p1-1.13
>       testing's 'ssh' is OpenSSH, deb version 1:1.2.3-9.2
> 		not good enough to stick with testing :(

Actually I didn't install the unstable ssh package, I installed the
unstable ssh2 package.  It didn't complain about and load any other
packages that I could tell, although maybe I missed it in my inexperience.

It connects OK to the SSH2 machine I needed to connect to, both ssh and
sftp, so I got my immediate gratification.  I'd sure like to figure out
how to configure it to do both SSH2 and downgrade to SSH1 automatically
and I'd be set.

When I do a ssh -V:

ssh:  SSH Version 2.0.13

Don't know if that is openSSH, but I think so.


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