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> > 	Following the pcmcia-howto I first did "make
> > configure" on the pcmcia source and use the
> defaults,
> > and that went fine.  Next I did "make all" in the
> > process of doing this I recieve and error and the
> > compiling halts.
> I take a guess that you compiled your own kernel
> (from /usr/src/linux). In
> this case, what you should do, is remove the debian
> /usr/include/linux
> branch (after backing it up, of course) and
> symlinking /usr/include/linux to
> the place of your custom made kernel include files
> (probably
> /usr/src/linux/include/linux).
> I admid, I don't know how this relates to debian
> packages, since the files
> from /usr/src/linux are undoubtedly in some package,
> so deleting them just
> like this might be considered rude by apt, etc...

I did that as you said and I still received the same
error when trying "make all." 

Any other ideas?



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